5 Best Glute Ham Developers

The gym has transformed in incredible ways. Unlike the past years where barbells, weights, and dumbbells dominated the workout scene, tremendous innovations in sports technology and innovation have transformed the modern gym into a fortress of progress, much to the benefit of the professional trainer, the novice, and even the occasional curious Joe. The implications of this piece of progress have been tremendous, especially to professional athletes. These innovations have allowed them to target specific areas of the body more effectively and efficiently. An excellent example is the Ham Glute
Developer. With the demands of professional sports calling for lower body power, this piece of machinery has been highly effective in the development of the hamstring and the glute area.

While the potential benefits presented by Ham Glute Developers are incredible, a good number of people are still unaware of the benefits, and oftentimes, even the use of this equipment. To some, it’s just an
odd looking contraption in the corner, which is quite unfortunate, particularly due to the ease of use and the wide array of benefits that these equipment present to trainers. While every commercial gym has a Glute Ham Developer, more people are opting for the convenience and freedom of a home gym. The privacy and the savings on gym membership have been a welcomed benefit for home gym owners. Consequently, it is crucial to be well versed with some of the market leaders for more informed purchasing decisions.

Below is a list of the 5 best Glute Ham Developers in the market.

CFF Glute Ham Developer – GHD-GHR

 The CFF Glute Ham Developer – GHD-GHR is one of the best GHD machines in the market, and the highest rated Glute Ham Machine by users on Amazon. This machine utilizes a double locking pin action, making it sturdy and one of the best in terms of support and stability. It is also excellently fitted with pads, which provide an extra layer of support for your knees.

The CFF-GHD is lauded for its high quality. Furthermore, its price is highly competitive when compared to other brands. In fact, it is arguable that this is the most affordable piece of equipment to work your core abdominals, your lower back, your hamstring, and your glutes, without giving up anything in terms of quality.

Some of its key features include a shorter distance between the lock ankles and the feet, for a more secure fit. It is also wider with a sturdy base, which allows tall users to feel safer, even at full extension. The double pop pins work excellently to optimize stabilization, while its handle placement is specially designed to aid in positioning. This machine boasts a bolted together construction for strength and stability. It also has a split pad for increased comfort, all covered with a black powder coated frame.


Rep Fitness Rep GHD – Glute Ham Developer

The Rep Fitness Rep GHD – Glute Ham Developer has gained massive popularity in the commercial gym space. Nonetheless, it still presents a viable option when setting up your own gym at home. It is keen to note that this Ham Glute Machine is much stronger, larger, and bulkier, as compared to other brands. Its designers have however crafted a witty solution, fitting the machine with wheels for easy movement when you need to use it.

This machine is often a recommended fit for those users who wish to replicate the same equipment they use (or used to use) in a commercial gym, to their home gym. In particular, it offers the commercial quality of Glute Ham Developers, but for the price of a home gym.

The Rep Fitness Rep GHD – Glute Ham Developer has some key features worth noting. These include
band pegs on the machine for resistance work. It also fitted with a bearing system on its footplate. This allows for quick and easy adjustments when it comes to height. Besides the fitted wheels for easy mobility, this machine also has a mounting footplate which simplifies getting on and off of it. It also packs thick padding with a long lasting vinyl cover. The end result is a commercial quality Glute Ham Developer, but at the price of a home gym.



York Barbell Glute Ham Developer

If you are looking for durability, then this is the best way to go. The York Barbell Glute Ham Developer has made a name for itself on its durability and sturdiness. The build quality of this Glute Ham Developer is enhanced by an adjustable twin knee pad, which can be adjusted up to 29 horizontal positions. This means greater customization and the luxury of working different areas of your body with the same machine. Additionally, both the ankle stabilizer pads and the knee pads can be adjusted vertically. Because of its twin pad design and thigh roller pads, the York GHD maximizes on comfort, while also being able to accommodate users of different sizes. In fact, the thigh roller pads are specifically designed to optimize user comfort.

The York Barbell Glute Ham Developer is however slightly pricier than other brands. However, its durability offsets the additional cash you will need to cough up to get this GHD.


Body Solid Glute Ham Machine

The Body Solid Glute Ham Machine is much larger than other options with a bigger footpad, more padding on the rollers and taking up comparatively much more space. Contrary to common belief, the extra size presents more of an advantage than a disadvantage. This machine offers a great degree of support, particularly for slim and female users. This means you have a higher degree of leverage, which translates to greater ease of use.

Its horizontal and vertical adjustments make it fit for a user of any size. It’s highly effective in working your hamstring, your calves, glutes, your abs, and obliques using the same GHD. It is also fitted with twin hooks for front lower body support and resistance training.


Yukon Glute Hamstring, Back, and Abs Hypertension Bench

This GHD has been popularized by its budget friendliness, without any trade off on quality. One of the key differences with the other brands and the mentions in these reviews is that it lacks the added designs for comfort and convenience, which are featured in other brands. For instance, it lacks the split pads for extra comfort, found in other brands. It is nonetheless still a very safe option and excellent for working your lower body without exceeding your budget.

Some of its key features include an 8 inch pad for comfort, a built in foot plate – non slip, and its fully adjustable to accommodate various users.



It is easy to get lost in the details and overlook the immense benefits of well-developed hamstrings and glutes. Besides setting up a sound platform for more advanced workout options, the GHD offers a sound
blue print towards achieving full fitness. Ultimately, when it comes to setting up a home gym, what really matters is that you have the right equipment and the right attitude.


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