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Best Sports Training Products for Working Out at Home

Written by: AnnieWall

Do you find getting to the gym a challenge? Our modern hectic lifestyles can make it difficult for us to get to the gym. More people than ever before are working shift work and finding it tough to keep up with a fitness goal. We often think of shift workers as people who perhaps work in the automotive industry and factories. However, there are all types of shift work out there.

Are You A Shift Worker?

You may not think you are a shift worker, but in fact, you may be a shift worker without even thinking about it. Many professionals such as doctors, pilots and nurses are shift workers but don’t consider themselves as such. But the truth is that professional groups are the ones which find it harder to keep up with training schedules more than other groups. Did you know that if you have a particular goal in mind and have a 9 to 5 job, you are much more likely to reach your fitness goal? When you work shift work, it will take you longer to achieve your goal as keeping up with training schedules can be a challenge.

How to Train When You Work Shift Work

When you work shift work, it could be a better idea to stop worrying about the gym, and invest in the best sports training products for working out at home.

There are clear advantages to investing in your own products but many of us are not sure what products we should be investing in and why we should buy them instead of others.

Top Things to Consider Before Your Rush Out and Buy Sports Training Products

1) What is your fitness goal? Are you planning to run a marathon or get fit to take up a new sport? It could be that you are a runner at the moment but would like to get into archery. In that case, you need to focus on working out your upper body and arms.

2) What is your budget? Not all of us can go out and spend an unlimited amount of money on training products. Often it is a matter of finding the best sports training products to fit your budget.

3) Where are you going to keep your training gear? Have you set aside an area in your own home or are you having to share with the rest of the family? You be surprised how much space some equipment can take up.

Top Sports Training Products for Upper Body

The best sports training products are the ones which give you the most flexible “usability”. If you are a pilot or frequently travel on business, you may even want to take your training products with you. Thanks to modern technology, training products are more flexible now than ever before.

POWER GUIDANCE Pull Up Assist Bands 

POWER GUIDANCE Pull Up Assist Bands - Heavy Duty Resistance Band, Mobility & Powerlifting Exercise Bands, Perfect for Body Stretching, Powerlifting, Resistance Training, Single Band & Set
  • PREMIUM QUALITY - POWER GUIDANCE resistance bands are durable and built to last, They can be stretched repeatedly year after year and are made from natural latex material which is kind to the environment.
  • SUITABLE FOR ANY FITNESS LEVEL - each exercise band offers a different level of resistance, both for pull up training, and for adding resistances to bench press, squats and Olympic lifts
  • BUILD STRENGTH & IMPROVE MOBILITY - With resistance band training, every part of the exercise has resistance, resulting in better range of motion strength and the complete stimulation hence promoting muscle growth
  • CHOOSE YOUR SUITABLE BAND - According to the band tension chart to the left, choose a band based on your bodyweight and the current number of unassisted repetitions you can complete. Also, you can combine multiple sizes to increase more levels of tension
  • WHY CHOOSE US - At POWER GUIDANCE, we fully stand behind our products. If you don't 100% love our products, please don't hesitate to contact us, and we do our best to make sure you are satisfied again.

Traditional hand-held weights are quickly becoming a thing of the past. Today, there are fitness products which are much more flexible. Instead of only working on your biceps, you can now get fitness gear which can help you to improve both your flexibility and muscle strength at the same time.

Assistant bands have revolutionized the market in the last few years, and new types of bands are available. Not only do bands give you a better work out, but they are easy to store and you can even slip them into the smallest travel case. With bands, you can work out and follow a fitness routine no matter where you are in the world.

Bands can be used to work out your arms, excellent for building core strength and when it comes to improving muscle back quality, you simply can’t beat working out with bands. On top of that, they are not expensive to invest in, and there are bands to suit any person and strength requirement.

An Aerobic Workout at Home

Aerobic workout products for the home are some of the best selling fitness gear. Not only may you be short of time to work out, but you may also be concerned about air quality. Many cities are heavily polluted that training outdoors may not be the safest and most effective choice to improve your fitness level. In fact, you may find you are not improving your aerobic capacity at all. Training in a polluted environment could have the opposite effect and a run in your local park could damage your lungs if you inhale pollutants.

Training in your home will allow you to control your environment, and at the same time, give you the opportunity to workout whenever you finish your shift. Pilots often find working out a challenge as they are always traveling through time zones. Investing in home training products means they can control “their own time” and workout when they feel their energy levels are right.

EFITMENT Magnetic Rowing Machine Rower for Home Exercise – RW025

EFITMENT Magnetic Rowing Machine Rower for Home Exercise w/Digital Monitor, 250 LB Weight Capacity, 40 Inch Rail Length - RW025
  • NYLON CORD WITH MAGNETIC RESISTANCE: Magnetic resistance on the 8.82 pound flywheel provides a low maintenance, silent workout. Heavy-duty, tear-resistant nylon cord stays intact without meshing.
  • LOW PROFILE STEEL SLIDE RAIL: Rower fitness machine is low profile making your body seated closer to the ground, therefore eliminating risks of falling and injuring yourself. The sturdy steel rail moves 40 inches forward and backward giving your legs plenty of extension room.
  • EXCELLENT AEROBIC WORKOUT: Improve the function of your heart, lungs and circulation system by lowering the customized resistance levels and working at a greater pace. Grasp the handlebars and pull your arms toward your body while you extend your legs and the rhythmic motion workout will work with your body strengthen muscles while you build endurance. Even simple sessions are great for building up a fat burning routine!
  • COMPACT SPACE SAVER: Unlike most rowers, the RW025 is compact enough to fit apartments and dorm rooms. You can easily store away in a closet, upright when not in use!
  • DIGITAL MONITOR: Digital Screen displays scan, count, time, RPM, calories and distance.
If you are pushed for space in your home, one of the best ways to exercise at home is to opt for a rowing machine. When you have no dedicated space to put larger pieces of sports training equipment, a rower is great for both burning calories and increasing aerobic capacity.
You can row at any time of the day or night. Whatsmore, your rower is not going to upset your neighbors. If you have a treadmill and happen to live in an apartment block, your downstairs neighbor may not appreciate you using your equipment late at night or early in the morning. Rowing machines when placed properly do not give off any unwanted noise and vibrations. Place them on a thick rubber mat, and you can work out when you have the time.

Rowing for about 30 minutes per day will not only give you a perfect allover body workout but will also help you to burn between 250 to 300 calories. It is one of the most efficient and safest ways to workout at home and can be used to enhance any sports performance. It does not matter if you are a golfer or training for a long distance run.

TheraBand Comfort Fit Ankle & Wrist Cuff Wrap Walking Weight Set

TheraBand Ankle Weights, Comfort Fit Wrist & Ankle Cuff Weight Set, Adjustable Walking Weights for Cardio, Home Workout, Ankle Strengthening & Physical Therapy, Blue, 2.5 lb. Each, Set of 2, 5 Pounds
  • Set of two weights, 2.5 pounds each, features sleek neoprene exterior with adjustable strap and soft non abrasive terrycloth interior to absorb moisture
  • Easily adjusts to hug the ankle or wrist for customized fit, reflective trim provides added safety for outdoor and evening use
  • Increase weight in strength training and rehabilitation programs without changing technique, which is fundamental to the principles of progressive exercise
  • Use with traditional upper and lower body strengthening exercises or to enhance balance training or stabilization exercises, for men and women
When you would like to work out your legs it could be a good idea to invest in a pair of ankle weights. Theraband offers a pair of adjustable ankle and wristbands which are perfect no matter what sports discipline you practice. You can wear them for your walking workouts, or they can be used at home to add extra depth into resistance training. Doing repetitions with ankle and wristbands have been found to just as effective as lifting weights.
Ankle and wristbands are easy to slip on when you have five minutes to spare and are a great way to improve muscle tone. They can be safely used by all age groups and are a particularly good way to extend any at home exercise routine.

Of course, you should consider adding supplements, vitamins and the right kind of training clothes. As always, it is a matter of finding the best sports training products which are right for your lifestyle and personal fitness goals.

Top 5 Best Speed Training Products

Many people believe that certain athletes are born with speed. However, contrary to what people believe many athletes are not born with speed but they develop it with time and practice. It takes resilience, hard work, a great mind, and a strong will to push past the expected normal levels of comfort to gain the speed they aim for. Many of the athletes seek help from gyms and fitness instructors among many others. speed training products, a clear-cut practice and work plan that they can stick to, contributes greatly to improving their speeds.

Below is a list of some of the best speed training equipment to help you achieve your speed goals. These speed-training products will help with your speed, agility and explosiveness. The products work well with everyone irrespective of whether you are an expert or a novice. All that matters is that you make full use of the speed products and push yourself beyond limits to get the speed you need.

5 Best Speed Training Products

Innovation 6” Speed Training Hurdles

Trademark Innovations Speed Training Hurdles (Pack of 5), 6"
  • Pack of 5 six inch speed hurdles
  • Great for footwork training
  • Improve foot-speed and tone leg muscles
  • By Trademark Innovations

One fantastic way to work up your leg muscles, footwork and develop speed is by using Innovation 6” speed training hurdles. The hurdles help to make your step quicker and to develop your knee power. This particular set comes in a pack of five hurdles. made by Trademark Innovations, a company renowned for making some of the best products used by athletes, each piece is six inches, The weight of the hurdles is 2.9 pounds and they are good for both the young and the adults. Other features are;

. Made from plastic material making it impossible for them to bend when stepped on
. Affordable
. Easy to store and do not take up much space
. Durable
. Great for agility and quickness drills
. They come in bright colours
. Portable because they are very light

Invincible Fitness Agility Ladder

Invincible Fitness Agility Ladder Training Equipment Set, Improves Coordination, Speed, Power and Strength, Includes 10 Cones, 4 Hooks and 3 Loop Resistance Bands for Outdoor Workout
  • THE ULTIMATE SET - Agility ladder 15 feet, 11 heavy-duty Rungs. Includes 10 sport cones, 4 metal hooks, 3 loop resistance bands, carry bag, 2 eBooks with agility DRILLS. Constructed with high quality durable materials, folds EASILY.
  • GET FASTER AND STRONGER - Top athletes, team coaches and kids use this ladder, very simple and easy to use, great as a warm up routine before your trainings, your performance and skills will increase. Use it regularly and see results quickly.
  • DEVELOP SPORTS TRAINING SKILLS - Add fun and variety to your workout with a progressive exercise plan using our foot ladder and agility disc cones. This can help you lose weight while improving your coordination and heart health.
  • BUILD SKILL AND CONFIDENCE FOR INDOOR / OUTDOOR GAMES - For all group ages, portable - train indoor or outdoor, simply choose. Get your kids one and train with them. Suitable for any sport: boxing, soccer, basketball, tennis, football.
  • LIMITED TIME RESISTANCE BANDS - The purpose of resistance bands is to improve strength, flexibility and physical endurance. Increase the effectiveness of your exercises enormously. Improve your speed, prevent injuries, improve your co-ordination.

The above speed training equipment from Invincible Fitness is another product that helps to improve coordination and body muscles. It gives the user explosive power and amazing speed abilities. Mostly used by active athletes and other fitness enthusiasts, The Invincible Fitness Agility Ladder is in a class of its own and is one of the best speed equipment in the market today. The benefits derived from using the agility speed ladder are

. Fast improvement on acceleration and explosive power
. Best product to use for your entire warm up routines
. Helps with speed and coordination
. Versatile and is food for everyone whether you are a professional, or an amateur. It is also good for the kids, youth and the adults.
. Made from very durable material that can last for a long time
. It helps you to maintain an overall good health, flexibility, core strength and improves your performance to higher levels
. If you also on a weight loss program, it helps to burn the extra fats
. Helps to prevent any injuries

The agility ladder comes with the following bonuses

. Portable bag, which makes it easy to carry your ladder everywhere
. Eight cones, which are elastic and made from strong durable material
. An advanced fitness video from the creators of the product
. Metal pegs- 4 in number to help with outdoor games and sports like baseball, football and soccer. The pegs hold the ladder in place and prevent it from sliding while you carry out the sports

BodyGood Pro Grade Running Parachute

BodyGood Pro Grade Running Parachute. Performance Training at its Best with Ideal Sized 54 Inch Speed Chute - Achieve Explosive Speed and Agility for All Ages and Levels
  • TRAIN DIFFERENTLY. NOT ALL FOOT SPEED IS THE SAME. Whether you're improving first step speed, working on top end speed or building overall explosive speed our BodyGood Running Parachute delivers progressive resistance training for any age. It's never too early to teach kids who love sports to move fast on the right foot.
  • IT'S LIKE HAVING YOUR VERY OWN TRAINER. This resistance parachute will help you fight the wind and develop a more powerful leg drive and stride frequency. No matter your level, these speed and agility exercises will make you stronger, faster. Great for runners, sprinters and all performance athletes.
  • THE NUMBERS DON'T LIE. Our 54" resistance parachute provides 20-35 pounds of intense wind friction. Adjustable and comfortable rotating belt allows you to sprint in any direction. Mesh panel prevents tangling and hassle. Comes with easy-to-stow bag for effortless clean up and convenient storage.
  • GOOD ON YOUR WALLET. Designed in California, BodyGood is a 'factory-to-consumer' brand that has efficiently removed wasteful "middle" costs at no expense of bringing high quality products to market. By absolving unnecessary costs, we can return that value back to our products and your pocketbook.
  • RISK FREE GUARANTEE. Nothing is more important to us than delivering a full line of reliable health and wellness products that are good on the body, good on your wallet and good for peace of mind. It's why each BodyGood product comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

The above 54-inch BodyGood Running Parachute is good for all ages. It improves your explosive speed while at the same time improving your overall performance, giving you agility and strength. The affordable parachute is a product of BodyGood and it comes with the following features;

. An adjustable belt that rotates to help you turn and burn in any direction
. An O-ring that can easily rotate 45 degrees giving you more flexibility
. An internal mesh that prevents the chute from tangling
. A case to carry the chute with you everywhere you go
. Affordable because you buy directly from the source
. Satisfaction risk free guarantee
. Good for both professionals and amateurs
. Good for all ages
. More leg drive and better stride frequency
. Fights the wind off as you train
. Portable as it weighs only 11.2 ounces
. Durable and very stable
. Easy and fun to use
. Gives you maximum power and agility

TEC Workout Oxygen Mask

TEC Training Mask - 16 Breathing Levels, Maximizes Workout and Achieves Benefit of High Altitude Elevation Training for Running, Cycling, Boxing, HIIT; Increases Cardio, Endurance and Stamina
  • INCREASES CARDIO AND ENDURANCE; takes your workout to the Next Level by adding resistance to your lungs; you are guaranteed an intense workout and a better run time!
  • HELPS CONTROL BREATHING with 16 adjustable levels this training device teaches you to focus on your breathing correctly which will increase your overall performance
  • UNLIKE OUR COMPETITORS our training mask includes 6 bonus valves which are easy to replace and work interchangeably; mimics various altitudes up to 18,000 ft
  • FEATURES NO WHISTLING NOISE, has a comfortable fit and does not slip off, super easy to use; One Size Fits most from 120lbs to 230 lbs
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEED by our Top Ranked Customer Service Team; Click Add to Cart and Order Now

For better endurance, athletes sometimes train in high altitude areas. Breathing in high altitude areas is challenging but it helps to push the body to give out more. Since it is not possible for everyone to train in high altitude areas, there is equipment that helps them feel like they are training in such places. TEC workout Oxygen Mask is one of the best training equipment that simulates the kind of training you would expect to get in a high altitude area.

This kind of training referred to as hypoxic training, or high altitude training, helps to increase your endurance and strength while at the same time boosting your performance. The features of the training mask are;

. Easy to adjust 16 breathing levels that can accommodate every kind of training
. Simulation of 4,000 to 18,000 feet heights of altitude
. Lightweight and easily portable
. Comfortable
. Comes with a standard size that fits all
. Non-slip straps that keep the mask secure while you train. Even if you sweat, the straps remain in place
. Comes with a silent feature to minimise any breathing noises
. Comes with a carrier case
. Comes with a 30-day manufacturers money back guarantee
. Increases stamina and improves endurance and oxygen levels in the body as you train
. Affordable

Titan Pro Boxing Reflex Ball

Pro Boxing Reflex Fight Ball | Increase Reaction Speed & Accuracy with 2 Level Pro Reflex Boxing Trainer with Black Dryfit Spandex Headband + Leather Bag. Best MMA & Boxing Equipment for Training.
  • TITAN BOXING REFLEX BALL TO SHARPEN YOUR SPEED AND HAND-EYE COORDINATION: featuring a headband with a ball on elastic string, this boxing reflex trainer is indispensable if you want to become faster and sharper in your sport; it's created to enhance hit accuracy, hand-eye coordination and focus, all while minimizing the natural reflex time to give you the edge you need during a fight
  • SAFE-TO-USE TITAN REFLEX BOXING BALL: made of a light rubber material, the reflex boxing trainer ball is very soft, so it won't hurt even if it hits your face - even kids can play and train safely with this fun punching boxing ball
  • SPEED BOXING BALL THAT LETS YOU TRAIN ANYTIME, ANYWHERE: simply strap on the Titan boxing ball headband and start training your speed, accuracy and concentration anywhere, anytime - you don't need to go to the gym for this workout; besides honing your reflexes with the unpredictable rebounding ball, you'll also exercise your arms, shoulders, chest and upper back to burn those calories and get stronger
  • SET OF HEADBAND AND BALLS FOR KIDS AND ADULTS: this Titan boxing punch ball set includes one adjustable black spandex dry fit headband which can comfortably fit all head sizes, 2 punching balls, and a carry bag that helps you to store it easily
  • 2 DIFFERENT BALLS, 2 DIFFERENT DIFFICULTY LEVELS: The softer black ball weighs only 20 grams and is suitable for novices, while the fast-moving, heavier, red ball (80 grams) is for more advanced fighters who are looking to perfect their reflex training

Speed is not limited to runners only. Even boxers need speed and body endurance in order to perform faster and with better accuracy. To help with boxing speed training, one of the best products in the market is Titan Pro Boxing Reflex Ball. A product of the Titan Company, the reflex ball comes with wonderful features. Some of the most prominent features are its 2-level fight ball and a headband. The reflex balls main aim is to help you with accuracy and better reflexes, it also helps with improved hand-eye coordination and better concentration on the target. Other features of the reflex boxing ball are;

. The ball is made from a non-toxic material
. It comes with a headband and a string which you can use to hang it in any place you deem fit
. The soft squishy material on the ball will not harm you even if the ball hits your face repeatedly
. The reflex ball also helps to burn up calories from the body so you can also use it to improve your weight goals
. Helps to build arm, chest, shoulders and upper back muscles
. The training set comes with two balls. The red ball is best for professionals while the black ball is for novices. The red ball weighs around 80 grams while the black one weighs around 20 grams
. It is safe for both the young and the adults
. Training with the balls is both fun and fulfilling
. Affordable

Wrapping it Up

While there are many speed-training products in the market today, we have selected some of the best for you. All the above best speed training products offer the users many benefits that include endurance, explosiveness, improved body muscles and speed enhancement among many other benefits. All the products are available in Amazon and they are all affordable. They are versatile and anyone willing to improve their speed levels or just keep fit can use them. Foe people that want to burn fat, the products will do you good too.


Elite athletes know that not all muscles are created equal. For sprinters and jumpers, the glutes and the hamstrings are their main powerhouse, with the glutes supplying 40% of the total power required and the hamstrings adding another 25%. Tennis and baseball players rely heavily on abdominal muscles with up to 50% of the force required for the swing coming from the rotational movement of the hips and shoulders. Additionally, since injuries can cripple or greatly slow down an athletic career, particularly vulnerable muscles such as back muscles need constant attention if one is to stay on course with their training.

The Ham Glute Developer was primarily developed to strengthen the glutes and the hamstrings. However, over time it has come to be used for more than ham glute exercises, finding application in abdominal training and exercise of the lower back.
As a training aid, the Ham Glute developer has a range of benefits. Some of the key reasons why one would wish to use it in training are:

Body Control

By virtue of its configuration, majority of the exercises performed on the Ham Glute Developer require proper control in order to achieve the correct form and obtain desired results. Several exercises require one to hold particular positions, and all motions are performed in a controlled manner, targeting specific muscles for specific results. As a result, use of the Ham Glute Developer enables one to develop extensive muscle control in terms of isolating particular muscles during motion, as well as controlling the extension and flexion of particular muscles. The overall goal is to ensure that muscles are activated in correct patterns, resulting in targeted training that generates great results.

An important part of exercise is learning to communicate effectively with one’s own body. It is important to know the limits of your muscles, as well as be able to clearly identify which muscles are undergoing flexion and which are undergoing extension. Because the Ham Glute Developer exercises target specific muscle groups with specific motions, use of the machine in training enables the athlete to be more in tune with their bodies, which goes a long way in reaping maximum benefits from training as well as reducing occurrence of injuries.

Gradual Ramping of Intensity
For those engaged in cross-fit training, the guiding sequence is “Mechanics, Consistency, Intensity”. This highlights the importance of obtaining the correct form first, then consistently performing the exercise correctly, before ramping up the intensity either by incorporation of weights or by increasing the number of repetitions. The Ham Glute Developer fits snugly into this mantra because it allows for initial training with no load. This is important for beginners, for whom weight training carries greater risk of injuries, as well as for seasoned athletes, particularly when attempting a new exercise or when warming up during training.

Greater Range of Motion
A vast majority of abdominal exercises are performed with the initial position being lying flat on the floor.. The Ham Glute Developer introduces extra range of motion due to its spherical surface, allowing for extension of the abdominal muscles through a greater range than is possible when one begins lying flat. This is particularly important for those involved in games such as volleyball, where the core muscles are required to be strong enough to facilitate motions in which the back is curved.

Ham Glute Developer Exercises

The Glute Ham Raise
This exercise targets the glutes and the hamstrings, and is actually the original exercise for which the machine was designed. For this exercise, the footplate is set such that when the the feet are secured in place, the seat supports the mid to upper thighs. The upper body, including the pelvis, is allowed to hang down over the seat and the knees are set 3 to 6 inches clear of the back edge of the seat.

The position required for the exercise involve having feet supported by the platform. The knees are placed on the pad, and the upper ankle hook is used to support the back of the calves. The upper body is held perpendicular to the floor.
You then lower yourself in a controlled motion, while squeezing the hamstring, glutes and abs, bringing the upper body to a position parallel to the floor. From that position, you return yourself to the initial position by pushing on the footplate. In this motion, the hamstrings are employed to pull the body up while the glutes remain contracted.

The glute ham raise provides major benefits to weightlifters, since it targets the muscles that primarily supply power during deadlifts, Olympic lifts and squats. Sprinters also benefit from the strengthening of calf muscles, hamstrings and glutes. Other benefits include reduction of injuries to the hamstring, back and anterior cruciate ligament (ACL).

Back Extensions
For this exercise, the footplate is adjusted so that when the feet are secured in place, the entire hip area is supported atop the curved seat. The exercise begins with the upper body held in a position parallel to the gym floor. You then lower the upper body over the front curve of the seat as far as possible. When correct form is maintained in this exercise, the hip joint is static with all the movement arising from spinal flexion, or motion of the trunk.

Back extensions are useful for strengthening the lower back muscles, which is key in avoiding back injuries.

Sit Ups
Sit ups on the Ham Glute Developer are executed in a similar manner to regular sit ups performed on the floor, with the main difference being that the starting position has the upper body below the horizontal. This requires the back to be arched slightly. The pelvis rests on the inside edge of the seat, allowing the lower back to be fully supported throughout the motion. Feet are either secured between the rollers or under the lower rollers, then you raise yourself from the starting position to a sitting position. The exercise is completed by slowly moving back to the initial position, while maintaining control of the abdominal muscles.

A key benefit of performing sit ups on the ham glute developer rather than on the gym floor is the extended range of motion provided by the starting position, where the upper body is below the horizontal. This allows one to fully develop the muscles required during repetitive arching motions, such as those required in volleyball.

Other Exercises
The Ham Glute Developer can be used for other exercises such as advanced side bends, horizontal trunk twists (also known as Russian Twists) and inversions. The basic exercises listed can also be varied by incorporation of weights or including a twist of the torso at the end of each exercise.

In summary, given the versatility of the Ham Glute Developer and the great benefits it can give you, whether an elite athlete or a regular gym enthusiast, it is worthwhile incorporating it into your workout routine.

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One of the most critical training tools for any athlete is a good heart rate monitor. An effective and accurate heart rate monitor can assist you in better identifying when you are training in the right zone or even more important, when you are overtraining and putting yourself into a dangerous situation. With that being said, here are some heart rate monitor product reviews to give an idea of the best items to invest your money in.

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